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Unlock the full potential of your business by harnessing the power of Google My Business. In today's digital age, a strong online presence is crucial, and this tool provides a free and effective way to connect with potential customers. Creatum Studios, SEO agency in Dallas, is here to guide you through the process to optimize and maximize the impact of your Business Profile on Google in 2023.

Google Business Profile Optimization Checklist 

Here are key takeaways from Google My Business experts to ensure you get the most value from your profile. 

Provide Comprehensive Information

Once you've claimed or created, and verified your profile through Google My Business, ensure that all your information is complete and accurate. Double-check critical details such as your business name, logo, address, and phone number. Google Business Profile Optimization in 2023: this means a profile with business category, website link, reviews, photos, opening hours, and a unique short name, this increases your business's credibility and trustworthiness.  

Pro Tip: Research shows that complete profiles are twice as likely to be considered reputable, which can significantly impact your business's online visibility.

‍Facilitate Easy Contact

Make it effortless for users to reach out to you. Google My Business Experts recommend you provide a phone number in your profile, enabling potential customers to call you with a simple tap from Google Maps or Search. Additionally, consider activating instant messaging through Google My Business to engage in real-time conversations with interested users.

Example: A shoe shop in Cambridge can instantly respond to inquiries about product availability, turning potential customers into satisfied ones, even during slow foot traffic periods.

‍Regularly Change or Update Photos and Posts

Treat your Business Profile on Google like a dynamic digital shopfront. Update and/or change Google Business Photos photos and posts to keep your profile fresh and appealing. High-quality, eye-catching images can significantly impact user interest, leading to 42% more requests for directions. Use posts to communicate with both past and potential customers, showcasing your brand's personality and promoting special offers or events.

Reminder: Keep a close eye on your opening hours, adjusting them for holidays or special occasions to avoid potential customers showing up when you're closed.

‍Utilize Business Category-Specific Features

Take advantage of special features based on your business category. For instance, hotels can display class ratings and amenities, while bars and restaurants can include links for online orders and reservations. Health and beauty businesses may add a booking button or service menu. Be attentive to category-specific features and attributes, as they enhance user understanding and convenience.

Tip: If applicable, use attributes like "women-led" or "LGBTQ-friendly" to distinguish your business from competitors.

Follow the link to learn more about how to update business info on Google or ask us about our Google My Business services. 

Boost your brand with Google Business Profile Optimization 2023

Leveraging Google My Business is a strategic move to actively engage with potential customers and enhance your business's visibility in the last months of 2023. Keep your profile information up-to-date and leverage all available features, ensuring you remain visible to customers actively seeking businesses like yours. Creatum Studios is here to help you navigate and succeed in the digital landscape with Google My Business management services.

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