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The Complete Guide for Social Media Targeting

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In digital terms, social networks are the driving force behind the growth of your brand or business. For this reason, it is necessary to take care of every detail, so that the public that follows you maintains a high level of engagement. But how to do it? The ideal way is by leveraging social media audience segmentation.

In order to achieve the goals outlined in social media, you must apply marketing strategies and a digital environment that allow you to optimize resources and minimize costs. A key to doing so is  social media targeting. This will also help you act on precise audiences with various actions, focusing on the strategy and knowing that you are targeting the appropriate audience. But how does social media target ads? 

What is Social Media Targeting?

Segmentation techniques were already used in traditional or offline marketing. But in the 2.0 context, it has taken on great importance, thanks to the heterogeneity of digital audiences, their level of dispersion, and the need to create distinct messages, which are direct and effective, to prevent them from spreading in the wide communicative abyss of the Internet.

Social media targeting is about studying and determining the profiles of consumer groups, their interests, and demographic data that aligns with the products or services a brand offers. 

For example, it does not make sense to launch an email marketing campaign to the entire digital community or set an action with influencers that do not have a specific target. It is important to determine what type or types of audiences you will direct your message to, their age, gender, socioeconomic level, or the place where they live.

How does social media target ads?

Social media target ads by providing advertisers with segmentation options for publishing their ads. The first thing you should do is know in depth which audiences visit your website or profiles on social networks and which ones are ready to reach the conversion or purchase action. In order to obtain this information, there are tools such as Google Analytics that help you classify and investigate, providing data on customer profiles and behaviors.

One way to obtain data from the public that is interested in your products and services is by analyzing the traffic of your website, in order to apply direct strategies in social media targeting the market niches that have been detected.

Likewise, you can analyze the motivated audience and what key concepts it uses to reach your brand or the characteristic sector. To obtain this information you can use Google Trends. 

How to Target on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most used social networks to publish information and make it known at the brand level. We can say that it is still the preferred one, thanks to the closeness and constant direct communication with the public. So, how to target on Facebook?

This social ads network gives you the option to target directly, from the moment you advertise or promote a product. Facebook ads have multi-levels of segmentation that have been developed efficiently, where you can see everything from sociodemographic data to filters, which become more and more distinctive and are closely related to the tastes and interests of the users.

Facebook has the capability to manage a significant amount of data, which enables you to connect with your target audience in a precise manner by segmenting specific demographics for each sector or brand. Additionally, by analyzing your frequent posts, you can identify your potential audience and enhance your reach and engagement with them.

How to Target on Instagram?

Instagram has introduced new social ads segmentation options through the addition of a feature that allows for the creation of corporate or business profiles. This implementation of profiles enables businesses to access data related to profile visits, public interactions with posts and ads (such as comments, likes, and saved photos), as well as direct and indirect messages from their audience.

There is also the possibility of linking the segmentation of Facebook to that of Instagram using the synchronization tool, increasing the reach of communication.

How to Target in other Social Networks?

Twitter also offers extensive segmentation possibilities just like Facebook. With its 280 characters, it allows its own unpaid posts to be segmented and become a large environment of followers.

For its part, YouTube offers the possibility of linking data from the Google account with the data that it stores, in order to ensure that the profiles and segments implemented in the corporate Google Accounts can be applied to the ads launched on YouTube.

This allows us to see that the development and synchronization of both accounts provide multiple advantages in terms of audience segmentation and targeting. 

Tips for Social Media Targeting

Although for each social network, the strategy is different and audience segmentation is managed according to the needs of each brand, these are the most useful ways to analyze an audience. Check out our tips for social media targeting. 

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is a very efficient type of segmentation on Instagram and Tiktok. It consists of dividing users according to the type of hashtag they use in their posts to obtain information about their tastes, interests, and occupations.

Geographical Targeting

With geographic targeting, you focus your advertising efforts on a region, city, or country. Currently, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn allow a division of the public by language and location area.

Gender Targeting

Gender segmentation can be a valuable tactic for targeting products toward specific gender groups. By dividing the market into male and female segments, businesses can tailor their marketing efforts to better serve the audience that is most likely to be interested in their products. However, it's important to use gender segmentation carefully and avoid reinforcing stereotypes or excluding potential customers based on their gender identity.

Device Targeting

Segmenting users by device can be a valuable way to determine which means they are using to access social networks, whether it be a computer or mobile device. This information can be used to focus efforts on adapting content to better suit typical formats or extensions. By tailoring content to the preferred device of users, businesses can enhance their engagement and user experience.

Age Targeting

This aspect is one of the most important when segmenting a target audience, depending on the type of content you want to share and the commercial nature of your brand. Knowing the age range to which you can aspire will allow you to filter the total audience by far, especially if what you sell is aimed at a small fraction.

Targeting your audience is key to your digital strategy!

A key factor for achieving success in the digital arena is having a solid social audience targeting strategy. This involves understanding who your followers are, why they follow you, the types of comments they frequently make, their age demographic, and how they discovered your profile. By paying attention to these details, businesses can attract high-quality followers, keep their accounts active, drive increased traffic to their digital platforms, qualified leads and sales. 

Audience targeting is very important for your brand, so if you have not yet been able to apply it to your social networks, it is time to contact social ads specialists capable of helping you achieve this goal, such as the team of a marketing digital agency.

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