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Top 4 Benefits of YouTube for your Business

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JP Baez

Have you thought about a social network like YouTube to bring a competitive advantage to your company? At Creatum we are clear that YouTube is gaining more and more importance, proof of this is that its users do not stop growing every year. 

So, should your company be on YouTube? Here are the Top 4 benefits of YouTube for your Business.

Videos Show Your Business and Your Brand

By leveraging the use of videos for your brand, you can show the characteristics of your product or service, and offer new promotions, contests, product launches, and more. There is no ceiling for creativity within audiovisual content for your business. 

Video blogs have become very popular, as brands and influencers share interesting, informational or entertaining content in a visual and more relaxed way. Younger generations use YouTube as an interactive search engine rather than search for text information on Google, they prefer videos to text! 

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Target your Audience With Youtube Ads Campaigns

YouTube has more than 197 million users in the U.S. Among so many people, isn't it possible that part of your target audience is there? YouTube has recently been crowned as the most visited website, over Google...say no more. But obviously, not every person in that statistic is going to be the right audience for your brand. 

By creating the right YouTube Ads campaigns you can target exactly the right people to buy your product or contract your services. Select demographics, interests, location, income, and more details about your target audience with YouTube ads! It’s possible. 

Viral Videos: Sharable Content with Lots of Visibility

You probably have heard about viral videos and their benefits for businesses. But, how to make a video go viral? When you manage to do a good audiovisual job and win over your audience, you get your video to spread more quickly on the web. A great video can almost always guarantee an increase in the visibility of your business, thanks to its potential virality and engagement rates.

Make your video go viral by creating a real social connection. Offer content your users love and would definitely share. Make it short, strong, and concise to ensure sharing is easier and increase the probability of going viral. Create SEO keyword-optimized descriptions for your video, that help people find your content easier whenever they are looking for a specific term. If you need to become more familiar with the importance of SEO for your business click here. 

Video is a great SEO positioning tool!

Bringing traffic to your corporate YouTube channel will most surely improve your search engine rankings, as your videos appear higher on the search engine results page (in other words on Google’s first page). Position your channel in the top Google results when your products or business are searched on the web! A video with an accurate description will catch the attention of the person who will stop scrolling down if your content was what he was looking for.

H2 How to create a YouTube Business Channel? 

Now that you know these top 4 benefits of YouTube for your business, you may be wondering: how to create a YouTube Business Channel? So, before you start recording all sorts of videos with your iPhone, take into consideration that a professional channel is the audiovisual medium in which you will portray your business and your brand image. Thus, it is essential to get closer to professionals in the field who capture your brand’s identity the right way. 

At Creatum Studios, we can help you develop an audiovisual strategy, specialized Youtube Ads Campaigns, enhanced with SEO optimization, and work together with you to guide you on how to best create a YouTube channel. Just let us know! if you liked this blog feel free to read more content here.

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