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At this point in your business path, you might have heard about “SEO services”, “SEO companies”, “local SEO” or words like “organic results”, “search results”, “keywords” or “Google’s first page”. If you have researched a little, you might already know what is SEO in general terms. But, is SEO worth it? 

Stay put and continue reading to learn more about the importance of SEO for small businesses and the Top 5 reasons to hire an Organic SEO Consultant

What is SEO? 

Before digging into the importance of SEO, let's briefly explain what is SEO. 

SEO is the abbreviation of "Search Engine Optimization" and its objective is to increase a website's visibility, improving its ranking for organic results in search engines. In other words, the objective of SEO services is to make your website be on Google’s search results when somebody is looking for products and services like yours or your brand. 

The goal of an SEO strategy is to help you appear among the first organic results of search engine queries (non-paid results) for one or more specific words that have been selected and that are relevant to the website.

Is SEO Worth it? ‍

Short answer: yes, paying for SEO is worth it. Now that we covered the SEO definition, let's explain why SEO is worth it and truly important for small and medium businesses.

‍Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Organic SEO Consultant

1# SEO Improves Website Visibility 

A good SEO strategy increases a website’s visibility thanks to optimized content. This is how it works: 

  1. First, your organic SEO consultant creates a list of “keywords” or search terms people are typing to look for products and services directly related to yours and your brand. 
  2. Then, this SEO expert optimizes or enhances your content to make it a good match for the specific search terms people are looking for. 
  3. When your website is SEO optimized, your pages will start to rank higher in Google results or any other search engine. 
  4. These results will lead to more website appearances (impressions), clicks, increase sales probability and brand awareness.

2# SEO helps with Brand Awareness Metrics

Have you struggled with brand awareness metrics? Raising brand awareness is more likely to happen when your website is listed among the first search results like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Moreover, clients trust more businesses when they rank high in search results. Use the aid of an organic SEO consultant to strategize together, meet your brand awareness goals, and increase organic visits to your website. 

3# SEO is an Investment, not just a cost

One of the main differences between having an organic results strategy (SEO) versus a search ads campaign such as Google Ads is that the moment you stop paying for that ads, they immediately disappear from the internet. SEO results are long-term investments

When you work with a good local SEO company that manages to position your website for a specific set of keywords and achieve high-ranking SEO, your website and its pages will remain so for a longer time on the Internet, even though you are not paying for that SEO service anymore. Long-term SEO is a real thing, however, don’t forget it is essential to keep an eye on and update your content frequently - if you want great results and an increase in sales.

4# SEO is Cost-Effective and Long-Term

Thinking about costs, SEO is something you have to check on. SEO's cost-effectiveness is excellent if we consider that the invested money on SEO packages for small businesses or long-term SEO services is minimal compared to other advertising strategies. A long-term investment is stable with SEO and result-oriented as well. 

‍5# SEO brings Quality Leads 

There is nothing better than quality leads and traffic thanks to high-ranking SEO. This indicates that website visitors are genuinely interested in your product or service. The bounce rate (people exiting your website) is likely to be lower thanks to strategized organic content. 

Hands down, an organic SEO consultant or a local SEO expert can help you get the results you want and optimize your website or e-Commerce to increase traffic, clients, and sales, focusing on achieving SEO quality leads.

Where to find an Organic SEO Consultant?

Now that you know the reason why SEO is worth it, you need to find the proper organic SEO consultant. Our advice is to go local, as a local SEO expert can have a better panorama of your products, services, brand, and how to position them in your area.

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If you are looking for Miami SEO consultants, our team of local SEO experts is here for you. At Creatum Studios, we are happy to learn about your business and help you with your SEO strategy! We have amazing SEO packages for small businesses and tailored SEO services for personalized strategies. Don't hesitate to chat with us by clicking here :D Get a complimentary SEO audit on your website and start growing your business today. 

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